Wärtsilä integrates with MESPAS Connect

Wärtsilä integrates with MESPAS Connect

Wärtsilä, a world leader in marine technology, has integrated with maritime e-trading platform MESPAS Connect. For faster, easier and more efficient maritime procurement.

The web-based trading platform MESPAS Connect brings ship managers and maritime suppliers together in one online marketplace. Now Wärtsilä, one of the world’s leading suppliers to the maritime industry, is joining MESPAS Connect. Wärtsilä offers an extensive portfolio of innovative and integrated products and solutions for all shipping segments.


With the integration of Wärtsilä to MESPAS there is now a fully automated data flow between the two software systems. For ship managers using MESPAS Connect the benefits are huge: they receive immediate electronic offers from Wärtsilä with clear price indications. Gone are the days of requesting offers by email or telephone, tapping in individual product numbers and human error. The MESPAS system does it all automatically.


With the click of a button ship managers can request offers, place orders, receive invoices and approve payments. Wärtsilä can make offers, accept orders and send invoices. All in a matter of seconds.


This is modern procurement at its best. The whole process becomes faster, more streamlined, easy to use and efficient. With the integration of Wärtsilä, MESPAS once again proves itself to be the go-to electronic platform for maritime procurement. For fast, easy and efficient procurement.


MESPAS is the only maritime software supplier to work with a master database in the cloud. Built up over many years, it contains the technical details of the millions of pieces and machinery required on a ship. This unique dataset eliminates the necessity for typing in information, avoiding errors and reducing workload.


Wärtsilä leads the industry in its journey towards a decarbonised and sustainable future. With an extensive portfolio of products, integrated systems and lifecycle solutions, Wärtsilä delivers reliability, safety and environmental performance to enhance the business of its customers.


Together, MESPAS and Wärtsilä help their users to improve their business operations, resulting in faster, more efficient processes and reduced administrative workload.