The unique concept behind all our products

Imagine the advantages of a data library of more than 60,000 machinery types at your fingertips. Connect to our structured global master database in the MESPAS Cloud, integrate your suppliers, interface with your other business software systems and ensure straight-through, fast and cost-efficient workflows.

All our products are connected to the MESPAS heart, a cloud based multi-tenant infrastructure. This core component collects and provides all information, product functionality and business processes. Data synchronisation, initialised by the crew, is processed and monitored by the MESPAS operation team. Software updates are automatically deployed using the synchronisation channel, so that even vessels in regions with limited internet access can be reached.

This central infrastructure is also the basis of our unique Global Master Data concept. Machinery components with all their attributes (manufacturer, documents, spare part lists etc.) are defined once on our database, given a consistent structure and then just mapped to the individual customer installation, enhanced with specific values, like serial number or building year.

This means that not only is the configuration of a new installation much faster, but also that optimal data quality is ensured. Most importantly: all players access the same high quality data.

Office staff access MESPAS’s functionality and information online through a secure internet connection, no matter where and when. Locally installed MESPAS hardware is not required. Crews aboard vessels benefit from working with an easy-to-use application connected to the MESPAS Cube, a robust and secure server containing all relevant information, regularly mirrored to our central infrastructure.

Suppliers receive requests for quotations and are fully integrated into procurement processes via the same MESPAS concept and software products – this is the basis for an efficient information flow and ensures full transparency regarding the status of purchase requests or outstanding invoices due for settlement. The process is straight-forward: staff on board simply acknowledge goods received and stock levels are automatically updated, whilst headquarters proactively manage invoicing, accounting and budgeting processes.

In addition, stakeholders who are also interested in available information such as analytics results or in optimization potential - based on the data collected on the MESPAS central infrastructure - can easily access our various online dashboards and reports. Let owners, auditors, classification societies, public authorities etc. access financial KPI’s, reports, trends, comparisons and whatever more you are willing to share.

We are integration friendly: both MESPAS’s standard interfaces and data transfer protocols have been designed for seamless integration into other business software solutions.

Our IT teams are also happy to realise individual software components, should specific features be required. MESPAS facilitates straight-through processing to ensure uninterrupted business flows.