MESPAS Connect for Suppliers

Make your life easier. Connect digitally to the e-commerce platform MESPAS Connect and send offers, confirm orders and send invoices quickly and efficiently. Improve your service to your buyers while saving time and money.

MESPAS Connect is a lean software interface which connects your existing software directly with your customers via the MESPAS platform. Using the interface, you can add prices, send offers, confirm orders, send invoices and much more. All automatically, within a few seconds. This fully integrated supply chain brings you multiple benefits: auto-quoting saves you a huge amount of time, there are fewer misunderstandings with your customers, you can audit transactions and, above all, complete transparency. Your customers receive quotes instantly, their whole procurement process is much more efficient.

If you would like to integrate your ERP system with our SBM platform, we provide an API that allows you to do this quickly and easily. As well as the MESPAS API you can also integrate using MTML, a data exchange format widely used in the maritime industry. Contact us for a presentation