Supplier Business Management (SBM)

Unique integrated procurement solution from ship to shore to supplier. Let MESPAS become your online web-shop for maritime procurement. Advertise your products to a huge number of potential customers and increase your chance of an order by more than 60%. Upload your prices, track orders, send invoices. For fast, effective and successful procurement. We offer a wide selection of free of charge, easy to use features designed to help you in your daily work.

Supplier Profile

Make sure ship managers find you quickly and easily. By carefully filling out the supplier profile you can ensure that ship managers find you at the click of a button and can place orders with you. You can define your brands and product categories and upload videos, images and documents about your offering. Make sure you are visible with an attractive profile!
Sample Profile

To Do

The “To do” list offers you a quick overview and easy access to your team’s tasks.


Ship managers prefer sending requests electronically through the MESPAS platform and receiving quotes from suppliers online. If you have already offered parts in the past your quote can automatically be sent through the MESPAS system with the “Auto Quote” function. This saves both you and the ship manager valuable time.


Manage your orders efficiently. Allocate them into categories for improved overview: received, confirmed, rejected, cancelled.


Manage your orders efficiently. Allocate them into categories for improved overview: received, confirmed, rejected, cancelled.


Send invoices via the MESPAS platform and add the meta data manually. The ship manager receives the invoice directly online. The invoice is automatically transferred into the customer’s Technical Ship Management (TSM) system. The order amount is compared with the invoice amount and if it matches auto approved. From there it is transferred to accounting for payment. This ensures faster payment for you.

Price list

Upload your prices to the platform and the Auto Quote can automatically send out a quote as soon as a ship manager requests an offer. Be the first to quote and improve your chances of getting the order.

Contract Details

Fill out the contract details for each of your customers and this information can be used in combination with the price list information for online quoting. In this section you can define margin, discount, currency and much more for each individual customer.

Auto Quote

The Auto Quote makes your life easier by combining the information in the price list and contract details to automatically generate an offer when a request is received. This decreases your workload and increases your reaction speed and the likelihood of receiving an order. Offers can be sent within a few seconds. They can either be sent immediately or created as drafts which can be checked before sending. The choice is yours.