Technical Ship Management (TSM)

Looking for a professional and easy-to-use software solution for your company? Then you have come to the right place! With MESPAS TSM you are assured of cost-efficient operations and reliable fleet performance. MESPAS TSM encompasses all relevant functions and features for technical ship management.


MESPAS operates hundreds of installations in the maritime industry. Not only do we offer best practice set-up and processes, but we have also collected a unique set of information; thousands of maintenance plans and manuals, hundreds of thousands of detailed overhauls and nearly a billion orders from our procurement platform. This information gives stakeholders insights into price development, supplier delivery accuracy and much more.

Benefit not only from ready to use maintenance plans, spare part lists, manuals and QHSE processes, but also from a fully integrated online procurement solution with more than fifteen thousand suppliers making offers and invoicing electronically.

Based on cloud technology in combination with our global master database, MESPAS TSM can be ready to use within weeks rather than months. Whereas ship managers do not have to maintain their own server infrastructure in their office, all functionalities remain available even if a ship is not connected to the internet: the MESPAS Cube, a robust and preconfigured hardware device, is delivered to your vessel ready for plug-and-play installation. All this is available at both very moderate initial and running costs.



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TSM Procurement

Fully integrated procurement solution enabling all relevant parties to interact with one system, thereby reducing transaction costs and misunderstandings. Crews select spare parts from a global database, purchase managers analyse and select vendors, suppliers promptly send offers. Track your delivery until it's on board and electronically receive and approve the invoice.

Procurement – All players - technical staff, procurement teams, crews and suppliers - access identical master data, machinery descriptions or spare part lists. With consistent, reliable, shared information, time-consuming queries and faulty deliverables are a thing of the past. Of course, in addition offers and agreed prices, supplier ratings, as well as procurement volumes of both single vessels and entire fleets are also easily accessible. Receive a rich set of functionalities to streamline your interactions with your suppliers. Utilize an available supplier directory with tens of thousands of suppliers, send an unlimited number of offer requests with a simple click, receive and compare the offers directly in your system, and send orders. Track your orders and receive delivery notes and supplier invoices to complete the procurement case.

Inventory Administration – Our unique bar code system and automated processes result in straight-through and easy-to-handle stock management. To name but a few of the functionalities the module provides you with: available spare parts lists by default, current parts on board figures, inventory positions, assigned parts to maintenance tasks and the definition of critical and essential parts. Examples of the advantages of close module integration are alerts on minimum stock levels, automated purchase activities and stock updates on delivery. Achieve a transparent inventory: verify your current inventory values or forecast spare part orders for the next budget year.

Budgeting and Invoice Management – Assign financial resources to your machinery or particular components and track situations, directly updated by procurement and maintenance activities, handle invoices online and electronically update your accounting solution.

Mobile – No matter when and where you are, with our iOS or Android application you have the information you need at your fingertips to help you make the right decisions: check which parts and consumables have been requested, view budgets and supplier conditions and best of all: you can manage it all with the touch of a button.

Interfaces – we are integration ready; no matter what information needs to be interchanged with other applications such as accounting systems, if our standard interface modules don’t fit we will tailor an individual solution for you.

TSM Maintenance

Your crews can efficiently plan and execute the technical maintenance of your vessels, while at the same time your office staff are given an accurate, immediate overview of past, current and future tasks across the fleet. Seamlessly plan machinery maintenance including spare parts, deadlines, rescheduled jobs waiting for approval, personnel required and gain instant access to a giant library of manufacturer documents.

Planned Maintenance (PMS) – helps ensure that all aspects of fleet management are in compliance with regulations and requirements. Planned maintenance takes place on time, and vessels are kept on schedule and in top condition. The solution significantly reduces the life-cycle costs of equipment and machinery.

Views & Planning – use various views to control your machinery, running hours and the execution of PMS jobs. Learn about your crews’ plans to reschedule jobs and confirm / reject these by a single click of the button. You can also ensure that all items required for maintenance work are ordered and in place at the correct time. Essential and critical stock values mean that if a required part is missing the procurement process is automatically initialised.

Machinery Library – find the documents related to your machinery. With the master database you gain access to over 125’000 OEM documents, everything from operation and maintenance manuals to work instructions, to code books and service letters. You can also benefit from a vast collection of machinery related job cards, significantly reducing the number of jobs, thereby increasing user friendliness for the crew. It is also possible to attach pictures of further documents to any work record.

Task Management – Control your unplanned maintenance: record duties, document / comment their completion, and assign people and equipment. The task list covers a wide range of application scopes: manage damage, defects or repairs, but also pre-process vessels for inspection, survey or dry docking.


Comply easily with regional or global regulations in relation to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. Benefit from simplified audit processes, diminished hazards and risks and enhance your company’s success.

Task Management – for all your unplanned maintenance, non-conformities, deficiencies, near misses etc. Assign these duties to those responsible, track their status and log their completion. Relate tasks to your coding system for category analysis: no matter if this system is company specific or industry-wide such as SIRE, M-SCAT or similar.

Inspection Report – record your observations in a structured, analysable form and track findings to their resolution. Add pictures to vetting inspections or add reports of state port controls. Various features further support the easy handling of complex inspections. For example, OCIMF vessel inspection questionnaires (VIQ) can easily be imported via their standard file format.

Document and Form Management – Split and load your safety manual to the document management system, ensure the validity of certificates, share circulars or easily create forms. Furthermore, you can access more than 40’000 maintenance and product manuals, which are continuously amended on our centralized infrastructure and made available to our customer community immediately after manufacturer updates.

Reporting Engine – In technical fleet management operations a huge amount of data is recorded and documented every day – both on shore and particularly on board the vessels. Make use of this data collection with our reporting engine and its more than 60 standardised reports. Of course, this already rich set may be extended and customized to meet your information requirements. All reports are accessible online or may be automatically scheduled and distributed in line with your needs. Thanks to our central database, your data is comparable: across your machinery, vessels or even the entire company. Only with such current data at your fingertips are you able to monitor the KPI’s of your entire fleet.

Analytics – comply effortlessly with regulations, whether for MRV or the new IMO DCS. MESPAS Analytics collects the required data right at the source – without redundant data entry by the crew or the office. This browser-based solution identifies reporting gaps, anomalies in collected data and allows for a fully integrated data process flow. Collect and analyse all the data required for a handover to the verifier at a later date.

Dashboards – an elegant way to supervise your business. Whatever data has been accumulated can be accessed, clarified, analysed, consolidated and visualized for supervision or oversight purposes. Share relevant information with your employees to keep them up to date or use it for TMSA III requirements. Make use of standard dashboards or create a company specific layout.

TSM Operations

Gain insights into the positions of your vessels and analyse their voyage details. Organise logistics in line with their schedules. Follow a ship’s performance over time and monitor its hull and propeller condition.

Noon Report – tailored for the shipping industry, this report sends all relevant information to various stakeholders, re-uses information already available and automatically transmits your report to your on-shore premises or to your owners and charterers.

Ship Schedule – stay up-to-date with the location of your vessels. Organise logistics or chartering, use the recorded information for order tracking reasons, plan shore-based actions or simply follow your ships on your mobile device.

Voyage Analytics – combine noon reports and additional parameters from your vessels with other voyage information, such as geo-position data and weather situation along the journey. Such data, combined with sophisticated statistical algorithms, can lead to manifold benefits. Find out about fuel consumption over time, adjusted for weather factors, currents, and other voyage parameters, like sailing speed or draft. You can envisage journeys, make comparisons and optimize for future voyages. In addition, Analytics can detect increased resistance to hull and propeller fouling and insights into vessel efficiency loss over time can be calculated. By revealing hull and propeller conditions, combining this with the cost of required cleaning activities, estimated opportunity cost and fuel prices, information on which to base decisions or simulations can be provided.

Installation Data Management – provides a complete overview of the machinery of your entire fleet, hierarchically structured for comprehensive organization and modification. All MESPAS modules are seamlessly integrated in to this information structure for transparent technical management.



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